I'm a game designer with experience in AAA console games, F2P mobile games, and academia. Currently I'm at Ubisoft Toronto working on AWESOME SECRET THINGS. Previously I was with Disruptor Beam, focused on Game of Thrones: Ascent. I was Uken Games' first game designer, where I designed and released Bingo Pop and Loot Quest, and supported live games including Forces of War and Crime, Inc. I started my professional career at Silicon Knights on the cancelled Eternal Darkness 2 and was a research assistant at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab where I studied sensual immersion through visual, auditory, and mechanical means. I did my undergrad at Cornell University where I was VP of the Game Design Initiative at Cornell (GDIAC).

This blog will be mostly my assorted thoughts on games and their design, but I’m sure other interests like music and TV will pop up from time to time.

Feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter